The two final short episodes of "Behind-the-scenes" series!

Hello beautiful people!

Here we are… Today  we can finally the last two episodes of the “behind-the-scenes” series

It's a little bonus because today is the day!!!

The "In the Key of West” music video is now officially OUT for the world to see!

We’ll be post it for you in a separate blog because after all this wait…We feel it deserves a post 

of its own-:)

We hope you enjoy these last short episodes. Episode 9 part 2 was shot at the “Islamorada fish 

company", Islamorada. We have been performing on their beautiful beach where the sun is King and

 where the sunset is always outstanding. We have always loved playing there surrounded by this 

incredibly splendid nature and by all kinds of wildlife such as pelicans, laughing seagulls, nurse 

sharks, tarpons, yellow snappers, and so on…

We decided on this beautiful natural setting to be the narrative arc of the music video. 

Episode 10, the last episode of the series, features the children of Coral Shores High School in 

Plantation Key. They all were amazing and excited to participate and contribute to the charity 

effort in their own way! Recording their voices was pure joy for us all, it was also much fun! 

We love these wonderful young people-:)


We thank you all for watching and supporting this project.

Beats and much love!

Chris x and Ric x 



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