Every child is a divine appointment.

Hello beautiful souls! We hope you are well.  You all know that Ric and I absolutely adore children; Their candor and curiosity are always one of our greatest inspirations. 

Before Covid 19 came around spreading global suffering and disorder, we had the great honor to be invited by Jeanne d'Arc primary school in Figeac, Lot, France to do Q & A with the children. It was a fantastic experience! We discussed performing music in the United States, the importance of speaking different languages, the planet, Florida's wildlife, and fauna, hurricane Irma in the Florida keys which in the aftermath inspired us the song "in the key of West".  We are very grateful to our dear friend Clotilde St Poulof-Bonnardot who is in charge of children with learning and attention disabilities, and teacher Marie Heinrich for making it happen in the most wonderful ways.  VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/uobeEnAjUlc

Don't get fooled by the calm in the classroom they were very attentive to everything all the way through but afterward were asking a billion questions and didn't want us to leave....!  Beats & love from us. xx


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