Behind the scenes filming "In the key of West" Music video. episode 8 part 1: The moorings, Islamorada, FL.

Dear friends,

We hope this email finds you well.

We are sharing with you today the “behind-the-scenes” episode 8 part 1, filming the “In the Key of West” video.

This episode takes place on the beach of stunning “ The Moorings” in Islamorada. I wasn't present this morning as a few days before during filming, I had injured my lower back so had to stay put between each filming day to make sure I could direct the video until the end! I had to give directions to Olivier Févin our director of photography and to Ric to make sure we got the right sunrise shot at the right place. Since we had been filming for 12 hours in Key West the previous day, I could tell I was secretly happy to not be among the ones who had to be on the beach at 5.30 am-:)

It remains as of today a running joke between the 3 of us. 

The moorings are such a peaceful and beautiful treasure in the Keys! We are also honored to have had authorization to film there as much as the bloodline team did before us. What a treat…

We hope you enjoy this short episode!

Sending to each one of you beats and much love. xx Chris and Ric xx

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