Behind the scenes filming "In the key of West" Music video. episode 6 part 3: Duval Street, Key West, FL.

Dear friends,

How are you all doing today?

A new episode of “Behind-the-scenes” is now available to watch! It was shot in Key West on 

Duval Street, within the walls of the biggest entertainment venue “ Durty Harrys”. 

We are so grateful to our dear and longtime friend, Fred Bushey, from “Durty Harry’s” and "Rick’s 

 bar" for having helped a great deal in organizing things wonderfully  (-bouncers included!) to ensure 

the filming was peaceful and undisturbed, which on a Saturday night in Duval  cannot be 

guaranteed; but we all got lucky, it was hard work but also so much fun! 

This experience of filming in Key West, will always be one of the most cherished memories of our 

life in the fabulous Florida Keys.

We are now counting the days until the video release, February 28th.

As promised until then, we will be sharing the few remaining “Behind-the-Scenes” episodes.

We hope you enjoy watching them as we have enjoyed making them for you all.



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Thank you all very much for your love and continuous support. 

Much love and beats,

Chris x and Ric x




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