Behind the scenes filming "In the key of West" Music video. episode 6 part 1: Snappers boat scene

Hi everyone!

We hope you are all doing well. 

Just came back from DC where we had an appointment at the French embassy to complete the last step of Ric's French citizenship. He passed the test (which wasn't easy!) with flying colors-:) I am very proud of him.

We will soon both be “Frenglimericans”! A great and precious privilege that we are utterly grateful for.

Now Washington DC, wow!  What a great city! The architecture is incredible too. We had some delicious food everywhere we went; also a few cocktails to celebrate our visit to this historical city. We were again blown away by the rich and fascinating history of the United States. We keep learning…

We stayed quite a while admiring the Abraham Lincoln memorial. Such an impressive building and statue. It also was the first time in our life to see the White House! We were like two kids. It was packed with snow and it looked beautiful. 

It was so different for us coming from the Keys where it was 78 F and landing in DC at 32 F...But we were wrapped up super warm and we walked A LOT which kept us warm too: our poor feet were brought back to the Keys full of blisters since we never walk as much here in the Keys.

Tonight and tomorrow we are excited to perform at "Snappers" starting both days at 6 pm. I take the occasion to share with you the latest episode of “behind-the-scenes” filming "in the Key of West" music video. This episode is about a boat scene we filmed at Snappers who kindly allowed us to do so. We are also grateful to our friend Chris Vasilenko who trusted us with filming on his boat. It was a fun scene to shoot.

We hope to see many of you tonight! Let's go and let's rock snappers together dear friends-:)!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this new episode; please as always, share and pass it along. If you haven't done it yet, please just click on the link below to buy the song:

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Thank you all very much for always being wonderful with us. 

Much love and beats,

Chris x and Ric x


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