Behind the scenes- day 2- of filming "in the key of West" music video.

Dear friends,

How are you all doing and what are you up to this summer?

Last Monday night we enjoyed a night out to see the “Greater Miami symphonic band”. It was the 44th season “grand finale” concert. It took place at the beautiful Maurice Gusman concert hall at the University of Miami, Coral Gables.  The live performance of this amazing classic orchestra was divided into two parts. The first part was with guest conductor Barry Bernhardt and the second part was with conductor Robert Longfield. We had the pleasure to meet with them both after the performance. Two very talented & fine gentlemen! We were blessed to have been invited to this event by our dear friend and French Horn player, Kirk Steputis who played his part wonderfully among this incredibly brilliant orchestra of 95 musicians!  We are so grateful for the inspiring and fabulous moment of music this was for us. 

We don't want to give it all away just yet, but, our new upcoming album involves classical music.

But for now, we wanted to share with you another episode of -day 2- filming the “In the Key of West” music video.

 This one is actually the shortest of them all because you know what? we were all exhausted! Ric and I had just worked very hard for 2 months non-stop in the daytime to prepare for the filming and also performing live gigs at night, Olivier the cameraman was still very much jet lagged..and…you guessed it:  It was starting to be seriously  hot in the fabulous Florida Keys. We were absolutely cooking in the heat! 

This episode was shot right before we filmed some scenes at the world-famous "snappers", Key Largo, a venue where we regularly play since many years. The support we receive from the audience there is one of a kind!  Performing at Snappers is so much fun; the crowd is always fantastic, a local's favorite, which makes the whole experience very special. 

Other episodes filmed in other parts of the Keys will continue to be posted here until the video clip is released at the end of July. In the meantime, we thank you all very much for keeping up with us!

Please do not hesitate to leave us a note, or a comment anytime about what we share with you. We do it all for you, so we always love to hear about your suggestions and feedback.

Much love and beats,  

Chris and Ric xx


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