Behind the scenes- day 9 part 2- of filming "in the key of West" music video.

Hello wonderful people!

How are you all doing? 

We wanted to share with you all today two of the last 4 "behind-the-scenes"  episodes left of filming “in the Key to West".  The global release of the music video is this Friday, March 1st!

Today is a lucky day! We are sharing 2 episodes because now the release is just around the corner-

Episode day 8 part 2 takes place at the “Island grill”. That’s where it all started for us in the Florida Keys, where we had the joy of having there our very first regular gig. Please watch the episode for more info about this part! Nevertheless, the “island grill” is now also as you know, hosting monthly the highly popular full moon party of the upper Keys. Please watch the episode for more info about this part!

Episode 9 part 1 was shot at “Conch Republic Divers”, famous for being the friendliest dive shop in the Keys! It is so true as Ashley and her team are amazing human beings. A diving experience with them is always one to remember!


We surely hope you will enjoy watching these 2 episodes and we thank you so much for your support in all that we do; thank you as well for all the love and kindness you always bless us with.

Beats and much love to you all! 

Chris x and Ric x




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