Behind the scenes- day 3, Part 2- of filming "in the key of West" music video. The "war bird" Marathon airport, F.L

Dear friends,

How was your Labor Day week-end?

The weather was perfect, we hope you all enjoyed friends, family, boating, and BBQ 's!

Now, my Labor Day week-end was somewhat eventful. Although, not really my kind of event…

The car key broke into the ignition, It was quite the test of patience to try to get the broken key out of the ignition socket. Not to mention that I was quite anxious to remove it in case a broken piece of the key was to stay in it!  After long efforts,  it finally worked, a pair of pliers and a kitchen cloth did the trick. But as if it wasn't enough, the next day it was the battery that gave up.

Thankfully all has now been resolved. It really was a Labor Day -:) 

You can now all watch episode 3 part 2 of Behind the Scenes filming the music video, “War Bird” at Florida Keys Flight Academy, Marathon F.L.

Please do share your thoughts with us!  Thank you for making the time for us.

 We send you much beats and love.

Chris x and Ric x


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