Behind the scenes filming "In the key of West" Music video. episode 7: The Italian food company, key Largo, FL.

Good afternoon, dear people!

We wanted to share the news with you all today: The video is now back from Nashville, where it was in post-production, and we are so happy with the result! We pray you 'll love it as much as we do.

It feels wonderful for us both after all that we have been through, including immigration setbacks, etc…to finally see it through with this project so dear to our hearts. 

“Little Angels” is our first official non-profit ever created. The more we work at it, the more we care for all these children we know this will help. It is so exciting!

There were a few moments when we thought we would never be able to do what we said we would do…as our path was sometimes filled with unwanted, unexpected chaos, which created each time: delays of any genre, such as financial hits, pain, etc...

But we guess you know that we are not the kind of “backing down” sort of people. No matter the challenges put before us, we love to do what we say we will. This project is about helping children have new hopes, education, and a better life. This became our fuel to overcome the numerous difficulties placed on our way. 

We started doing a few radio interviews. Our first one was with Hoebee and his amazing team “ The Hoebee in the Afternoon experiment” on Wail 99, “Rocking the Keys”. We had an absolute blast. We can now let you know that the song is now officially on rotation on this radio!

Yesterday we also were very generously invited by Dougie “In the afternoon” to talk about the project. We had a lot of fun with him as always when in his company. He also gave us the favor of playing the song which he loves! 

As we are now approaching the official video release date of February 28th, 2024, we would like to share with you the last 4 episodes of “Behind the Scenes”!

This episode takes place in the garden of the Italian food company in Key Largo where many have already seen us performing there. It is one of our favorite places in the Keys. We love all the team whether they are in Key Largo or Islamorada. Different places,  but the same wonderful and fun people serving excellent food (and wines!)…

We hope y'all enjoy this new episode. We will be performing tonight at the Moose Lodge, Key Largo where we hope to see many of you! Let's go and let's rock!


Sending beats and much love to y'all! 

Chris x and Ric x



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