In the key of West "Behind the scenes" day 6, part 2, Mallory Square, FL .

 Hello, y'all beautiful souls!

We this email finds you well and happy.

We are happy to let you know the music video will be ready and out of post-production by the 

end of next week! Thank you for your patience. We appreciated it, all the way through. 

We have decided on the official release date: It will be February 28th: Ric's birthday!

Check it out down below this letter, the new episode of “Behind-the-scenes” is now available to 

watch! It was shot in Key West on Mallory Square. We had a blast filming the whole day in Key

 West. Filming outdoors and at night on a very busy Duval Street, wasn’t exactly the 

easiest thing to do , but with the help of many wonderful local friends, we made it! 

 February is a very busy month as we are starting interviews, radios, etc... To talk a bit more 

about our children's charity effort.  Until the video release date, we will be posting all the 

"Behind-the-scenes" episodes we have left to share with you all.

 We would, as always, appreciate it a lot if you please would be so kind as to share this charity 

project and effort with all your contacts.  


If you haven't done it yet, please just click on the link below to buy the song:

One-click= one child gets help!


Thank you all very much for your love and continuous support. 

Much love and beats,

Chris x and Ric x



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