Behind the scenes- day 4, part 3- of filming "in the key of West" music video.

Dear friends,

How are you all doing?

Episode 4, part 3 of Behind the Scenes filming the music video “In the Key of West” is now ready to watch!

We had been filming at the world-famous “Rick's bar” in Key West, which is part of “Durty Harry's”. It is the biggest entertainment complex in South Florida, and obviously, the biggest in the Florida Keys!  

When we had just arrived in the Florida Keys, Rick's bar became one of our first regular gigs. The audience there is always fun and challenging! Each time was for us a very formative moment. We are so thankful to all the team at Rick's who have been and still are, so supportive of our journey. We are also so grateful for all the wonderful people we have met there. It was only natural for us to want to film some important scenes there, for the “In the Key of West” upcoming music video. 

Please let me now tell you why this place is so dear to our hearts. 

You may not know that but the very first time we visited Key West, we were still living in Southern California. We didn't even know about the existence of the Florida Keys! We ended up there by a happy accident as we love to call it. Our first time in the Keys happened as part of a few days' break before heading to Austin, Texas, where we had planned to perform live for a few months. On the evening of our first night in Key West, we made the acquaintance of a fellow musician. His contact had been given to me by a common friend from Paris. After seeing his performance, the three of us had dinner at “Caroline's". We told him that after only a day, we had fallen in love with the Keys;  we were actually already considering canceling the Austin Texas move. This fellow musician dissuaded us from coming here; in short, he said nobody would ever give us a booking in the Keys as we were not from here. We love challenge; what he told us had the absolute opposite effect: it fueled us. 

To this day, we have no regrets about not listening to the wrong advice! 

Filming some scenes in this very special place was only natural for us, because it is simply where the idea of coming to the Keys had all started. 

Big thank you to all of our beloved Key people to have made it possible.

Much love and beats.

Chris x and Ric x


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